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Rough Regular Texture

Proceed® Rough Regular Texture is a semi-opaque, 100% acrylic waterborne texture coating that requires minimal surface preparation. Like all Proceed textures, it is formulated to contain less than 50 g/l of VOC's and, as such, meets the criteria for LEED Credit 4.2 (Low Emitting Materials - Paints and Coatings). 
It is formulated with a coarse, non-crushable aggregate of uniform size to impart the look of coarse surfaces that exhibit a uniform surface profile, such as cut stone blocks and brick. It produces a coarse, but relatively non-absorbent surface that may be easily overglazed. It has the properties of an acrylic mastic texture coating so that, in heavy applications, it can correct minor surface blemishes and drywall seams when applied directly to a Level 3 drywall surface. 
Rough Regular Texture is capable of producing a wide variety of surfaces. It may be troweled to a low-profile surface or stippled for maximum coarseness. This versatility was put to good use in the Vine Republic installation as the artisan was able to render both the rough surface of the bricks as well as the smooth, more even surface of the mortar joints with the same material. 
Rough Regular Texture may be tinted with PROCEED® Pigment Dispersions, or PROCEED® Slow-Drying Fluid Acrylic paints if a weaker tint is desired. Rough Regular Texture is also compatible with most universal colorants. While the product may appear to be opaque, it actually contains no white pigment, making it possible to tint light or deep colors from a single base. 
Rough Regular Texture may be blended in any ratio desired with other Proceed textures to achieve a complete range of textural effects.  
Weight Solids: 66.2% ± 2% 
Density: 12.73 lbs / gallon 
Flash Point: >212° F 
VOC: < 50 grams / liter 
Spread Rate: 80 sq. ft. / gallon at 10 mils dry film. Actual spread rate is highly dependent upon finish design and application technique and may vary from 50-150 sq. ft gallon. Preparation of a control sample is strongly recommended for accurate estimation of coverage. 
Clean-Up: Clean up with soap and water.  
Recoat time: Let dry 12 - 24 hours before recoating  
Full dry: Product will approach final properties after 28 days of drying, but will continue to cure and harden for 90 days. Ambient conditions of temperature, humidity, and air flow will affect the rate of property development. 
Min. Film Formation Temperature >49° F 
Storage and Shelf Life: Store between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit in a stable environment. DO NOT FREEZE. If frozen repeatedly, the product may become unusable. 
Compatibility: Proceed Rough Regular Texture is compatible with most waterborne acrylic architectural coatings. DO NOT USE with solvent based materials. 
Washability: ASTM D 3450 (abrasive scrub medium) 19% recovery  
Abrasion resistance: ASTM D-2486 (abrasive scrub to cut through) 939 cycles  
Abrasion resistance ASTM D-4060-10 (abrasive disc) 1.8% weight loss at 1,000 cycles  
Burnish Resistance ASTM D-6736 20° Gloss % increase: 0% 
60° Gloss % increase: 0% 
Hardness: ASTM D-3363 Pencil Hardness > 8H @ 28 days 
> 8H @ 90 days 
Household Chemical: ASTM D-108 Slight to no effect after 16 hours: 
Lemon juice, Lysol All Purpose Cleaner, Spic and Span Pine Cleaner, Parson's Ammonia 
Permeability ASTM D-1653 (Method B) 35.9 grains/hr x ft2 x in-Hg 
Flame Spread ASTM E-84 Surface Burning Characteristics Class "A" 
Flame Spread: 15 (A) 
Smoke Developed: 0.31 
* Product performance testing was conducted under laboratory conditions on 6-15 mil films cast on aluminum panels after 28 days of drying time unless otherwise noted. Actual field performance will be affected by finish design, application techniques, and application conditions.


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