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A Golden opportunity not to be missed!

By Diane Hansen 
In February, I felt extremely grateful to be presented with an opportunity to visit Golden Artist Colors in New Berlin, New York for a Proceed workshop. Although I have been aware of Golden and the Proceed line for some time now, I always felt a bit lost and confused in knowing how to use some of the products, or knowing just enough to be dangerous. I was fortunate to be taking the class with six other talented decorative painters from the St. Louis Metro Artisans Guild. In all, it was a very intimate class of eight, eager to learn more about the Proceed products and much more.  
From the moment our group arrived, we felt so welcomed and pampered. The hospitality that we received was spectacular! Everyone that we met seemed happy that we were there and interested in how they could help us. They bent over backwards for us to make sure that everyone was having a positive experience! It was so cool and inspiring to be at the factory with everyone who makes our paint products. They are all so dedicated to the quality of their product and thrive on their work. Everyone at Golden went above and beyond our expectations! 
The three and a half day class was extremely well run! It was organized, fun, and full of information about the Proceed products, technical information, techniques, recipes, and hands-on experience. Lori Wilson led the workshop, and shared her vast wealth of knowledge. (She is like a walking encyclopedia for all things Golden) Through lecture, group discussion, and hands-on experience, we were really able to LEARN about each product: what the product does, what the product does not do, and many ways to use each product.  
We were also educated on the thorough testing of all of the Proceed products. They not only perform numerous tests for product durability for your canvas or walls, but also for longevity in your inventory of product. Did you know that Proceed paint can endure five (5) freeze/thaw cycles? Neither did I until taking this class! Pretty impressive! 
In addition, we were taught how to access and use the information on Proceed-e-pedia (a.k.a. - wiki). It is AMAZING how much information is out there just waiting for us to explore! From mixing colors to information on how products will perform. Such a great resource at our fingertips, provided at no cost to users, by Golden. 
As an added bonus to being in New Berlin, we were given a tour of the factory, the gallery, the barn house for the Artists in Residence, and we were introduced to many different Golden team members daily. It is always nice to know the face on the other end of the phone or email and to appreciate how many paint-makers are involved in making our paint! We were fortunate to meet, share meals, and converse with the chemist, the tech support team, the people making our paint, the marketing team, the sales team, etc. We really had the opportunity to meet everyone involved in the making of our paint. Everyone that we encountered was so passionate and dedicated to their work! They have a real desire to interact with artists to help improve their products and services.  
My life and my work have been enriched because of this opportunity! I really left the workshop feeling confident about the products and their application. I also know that at anytime, I can reach out to Golden and know that there are many people who can help with my painting/product dilemmas. So, if you are presented with an opportunity to attend this workshop, don’t miss out!  
It wasn’t just a class…it was a Golden Experience!
For more information, please visit Click here to learn more about the Proceed line of products. or Click here to learn more about future GOLDEN Proceed workshops!.


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