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Timeless elements of design with glazed finishes


Timeless Glazed Finishes

While they might undergo ebb and flow as one trend follows another, they are ever present if one is observant. To use two very common examples, the use of slatted or “venetian” blinds as an alternative for curtains has been documented over three centuries and, in fact, there is some evidence that they may have originated in ancient Egypt. Also, chairs found in ancient Egyptian tombs are actually quite “modern” in their appearance. 
Wall glazing treatments should be considered in the same light. While faux finishing has suffered along with other building trades through the recent “Great Recession,” we have noted a recent increase in the use of glazed wall surfaces in interior designs which speaks to the enduring qualities of this wall treatment.  
This should come as no surprise, as glaze treatments provide color, texture, and pattern that break up the monolithic starkness of an opaque painted surface and results in a more subtle and pleasing background for the room furnishings. Wallpapers create this same effect, but have their well-known set of disadvantages. Wall glazing is a very economical technique that can produce a high-end luxury look, requires little time and material and can simply be painted over, if desired, when the room is redesigned. 
Beyond looking good, well-designed walls can actually make you feel better. In a recent article in the online edition of Durability + Design (“Hue Knew? Why Building Color Matters,” Tuesday, May 27, 2014), color expert Jill Pilaroscia cited the results of several studies that examined the effect of color on the occupants of a room. A 1976 study of waiting rooms showed that occupants in a colorful, airy environment had lower heart rates and reported far less boredom than subjects seated in a gray and dimly lit room. Another study of color schemes for a school environment showed that higher IQ scores and fewer behavioral disruptions were associated with the optimum design. 
The key to using glazed finishes successfully is to keep them in tune with changing tastes in color and design. Fred Norman Vanderwalker, whose work is featured elsewhere in this newsletter, said it best 80 years ago. Writing in “Interior Wall Decorations” in 1924, he commented: 
“The one disadvantage of these artistic finishes is the tendency of the less experienced decorators to be intemperate in their use of bright colors in large areas. Too often they forget that walls are not the principal decorative features of a room but only the background; that neither the colors, pattern or texture of the walls should be strong enough to draw attention to themselves." 
“However, when decorators once understand that colorful, patterned and textured decorations must be correlated with the decorative plan of the room as a whole and use them in that manner, they constitute remarkably beautiful and artistic decorative means in the hands of capable craftsmen.” 
Like classic design, good advice also survives the test of time.
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