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Society of Gilders Visits Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Over the course of three days, six members of the Board reviewed the Proceed line of decorative painting materials, learned about GOLDEN products that could be explored with gilding and presented the needs of professional gilders to the GOLDEN Technical Support team. 
Michael Gilbert, a member of the Society of Gilders, summarized his visit in this way: 
“I'm not sure I can choose something I enjoyed most about the visit to GOLDEN, it was a worthwhile experience all around. Experimenting with materials is something I like to do as often as possible. When I'm introduced to someone new I am usually asked "whats your favorite medium", I always answer, materials. The tour of the factory was interesting, meeting the people who operate the machines was a treat. The product that will mean the most to me is Proceed Transparent Cracking Glaze, it makes it possible to crack gold leaf on a frame in a new way. I’ve been experimenting for years on ways to reliably produce a beautiful cracked leaf effect. My business is the restoration and conservation of gilded wooded objects. I also make hand carved, water gilded frames and other objects and these new ideas will help me.”  
The President of the Society of Gilders, Michael Kramer, offered this as a recap of his visit to GOLDEN: “I for one, came away with a lot and have already started experimenting with some of your great products in my line of work. I know the rest of the group feels the same way. I came away from GOLDEN with a new appreciation about how a successful company can make a difference in the work experience and in the local community and wider arts community and at the same time, provide a product second to none. I wish more companies had your vision and stewardship.”
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