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My Color BFFs...  
by Laine Discepoli, MissElaineous Studio 
I have always LOVED color and consider myself a lifelong student of it. a kid, I was mesmerized by the color TV set we had in our family room. Like any kid, I could watch cartoons from stem to stern on Saturday morning and I think it may have been one particularly predictable episode of Scooby Doo where the actual fascination with color began. Before the days of clickers or remote controls that do everything but start your car, we actually had to get up, physically move over to the television and turn a dial to change channels. And in doing so...we’d get really close to the screen and Wow! If you looked closely enough, a kid might realize that the images on that screen were actually made up of little dots of color. Red, yellow, blue, green...they were all there! I was one such kid. I noticed and then looked again. I closed one eye and then the other. Where the dots overlapped - there were more colors. Whoa! If you squinted, you got a whole other view of all these colors, collecting together on the screen to make still more colors and ultimately working together to make a picture. BOO YA! I fell in love with color right then. A best guess would put the date sometime in June1969. Could it have been the birth of an artist...a squinting, blinking, mesmerized six year old in her pajamas drinking in color like it was a tonic? 
Fast forward several years to literally working with color in the form of paints and pigments as a decorative artist and more specifically, working with Proceed Pigment Dispersions. In teaching others what I know about color and even in notes to myself, I’ve always referred to specific colors as if they were a collection of friends, or a group of buddies with personalities and quirks that are accepted lovingly regardless of their intention or malice. Colors are my tools for without them, I could not make my art. So I treat them kindly, get frustrated when they misbehave, correct them when they are downright wrong, and beam at them like a proud parent when they are oh-so right. 
Since decorative painting often requires artists to create and paint for an audience (either a paying client or a paying student) the bonds with our color friends becomes crucial. The more we know about our friends and their habits, the better we can rely on them to come into action when needed to help us look like geniuses. I work almost exclusively with the GOLDEN Proceed line of colors...both pigment dispersions and Slow-Drying Fluids to “tint” all of my paints and glazes. I save time, effort and money by having my entourage of color pals at the ready to create whatever hue or shade I need of any given palette. Their power allows me to avoid time consuming and expensive trips to the paint store to purchase quart after quart of the potential right tone for Mrs. Johnson’s Living Room sample board. Take away my colors and you take away my mojo, Baby. 
Raw Umber is, by far, my color BFF. Its warm ultra earthy brown tone has a way of just cozying up to whatever it’s blended with. Somehow my good pal Raw Umber muddies things up and takes the sass out of the hottest or most intense colors. I have used this guy straight out of the bottle countless times to create a warm glaze that gives a room or a painting just the right patina of age and depth. He is definitely the workhorse in my bag of wingman. I think it’s the slight greenish element to Raw Umber that just tones things down (and certainly takes the heat out of reds, golds and the like). I wish my color BFF was something more exotic but it turns out that a plain old baby-poop-slash-dirt color is my fave. Go figure. Maybe I’m not such an interesting girl after all. 
The Oxides.’s hard to choose favorites among the oxides. They are such a united force in my little pack. Red & Yellow. Ketchup & Mustard. Earthy and rich, they make GREAT glaze bases and are great buds with my BFF Raw Umber. But let’s talk about Trio. I feel like Trio is the very sassy, confident, high-heel-wearing gal of the group. Naming a color Transparent Red Iron Oxide is like naming her Mary Elizabeth Mastriantonio. She can’t deal with spelling it out all the time so she just says (in a low, husky Demi Moore voice)...”just call me Trio, Honey.” Use her sparingly because one drop can take over your whole mixture. She’s strong, smart and knows what she wants and what she wants is to make everything in her path orange. But as brazen as our gal pal Trio may be, she is not rude or overbearing. She is just sure of herself...a clear sweet color wheel representative offering glorious tones from sunrise to sunset. But she means business. She can make the Phthalo Twins cry in the corner and beg for mercy. And for that, I truly love her. 
Yellow Oxide is the Winnie the Pooh of the gang. Sweet, loveable and kind of chubby, Yellow Oxide thickens up at the mere mention of just hanging around in his bottle. He offers such a warm friendly glow, he is pretty much always welcome at any color party. Mix him with Titanium White and he lays down and lets you scratch his belly, or mix him with Raw Umber and he gets a bit more sophisticated. Blend him with Trio and well...she gets the better of him but in a really yummy sort of way. Blend him with Dioxazine Purple and you have manna from heaven in the form of a yummy eggplant-ish aubergine. These two compliments love seeing each other and when they get together, start back slapping and hee-hawing like a couple of old college chums. It’s lovely to watch. 
This brings me to Dioxazine Purple, the peacemaker of the crowd. In and of itself, clients are shocked when I pull out my bright regal friend and respond with something like “PURPLE!? You’re going to use purple on my wall???!!!” My know-it-all-sneer says “Yup! Watch this!!!” as I create a lovely glaze or add it to the other colors to even out the tones. “Ahhh....” Just something about DP sets things at ease. He is a strong color but manages to play so nicely with others. A great middle-manager. 
Van Dyke Brown. Not truly a dispersion, but rather a Slow-Drying Fluid, Van Dyke Brown is the wise old codger I bring along every time. Rich, uber dark and a somewhat purple-ish brown, this color is like having Dumbledore along to help magically get you out of predicaments, add depth and just surprise people with his sudden presence. Show someone a bottle of Van Dyke and they will vigorously shake their head “no”...too scary...almost black! But blend with other colors or use sparingly along with a glaze, and there is a richness that makes even the lightest color finishes go from snoozy beige to beautiful. 
The Phthalo Twins. Honestly - these are my least favorite colors as they are domineering and often squabble amongst themselves.,, BLUE. They are both basically turquoise, Dammit! and will turn everyone else into a bad mood by making mud if allowed to steal the show. Bright, and very sassy, these two are challenged at getting enough air time in an interior decorative environment unless I’m doing a Caribbean themed mural (and I don't do many of those!) But in all fairness, they are a lovely addition to the pack and just scream a little more loudly for attention like two bratty kids.  
Quniacridome Magenta - Who wouldn’t love this girl... all cute, perky and bright? She is confident and fun but unlike the high heels on Trio, Quin Maggie wears Keds. She’s like a cheerleader, always suggesting the other colors join her to make a pyramid. She plays well with others and her submissive nature makes her everyone’s friend. She is the go-to gal for little girls’ rooms (name a shade of pink and she can do it! Rah! Go team!) but she is lively and strong enough to stand on her own in a mural for bright, cheery flowers. Gotta love this girl! 
Each of the colors makes up a great cast of supporting characters and I love them all. Ultramarine can you find a more confident, shining color? He is only called upon when I need the big guns, much like Hansa Yellow or Pyrrole Red (they are not complex, but rather like the dude that just hangs out playing video games in your dorm room all day). And of course, Black and Titanium White are like the happily married parents...always there. Always ready with the right answers...a calm presence in any color storm. 
Tried and true....Red Oxide, Titanium White or Ultramarine Blue...these and the rest of the pack are my pals. We’ve been together through literally thick and thin and have made some great art together. I can’t imagine a project without them. They are the Shaggy to my Scooby Doo. 
Laine Discepoli 
MissElaineous Studio 
18 Village Square 
Glendale, OH 45246 
For more information, please visit or For more insights into Laine's knowlege on color, email her directly!.


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