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Sterling Silver Smooth Cracking Texture "beauty board" by Micki Coles


Micki Coles shares a Smooth Cracking Texture recipe

Micki will team up with Lottie Banner to teach “Cracked Up”, Class # S624 on Saturday and Sunday 1:30-5:30, July 23rd and 24th, at the IDAL convention in Hampton, VA running from July 20-24th. In the June newsletter, she shares an additional recipe she teaches at her school in Charlotte, NC. 
Micki's advice, “Always make a sample and play with the cracking texture first. I have discovered that in smaller stencils the cracks are very tiny and in stencils with larger openings they are larger! You might have a favorite stencil, but you may not always achieve the desired size cracks.” 
To sign up for the Cracked Up class at the IDAL convention in Hampton, VA, click here: 
This finish will not be taught in the IDAL class mentioned above: 
Finish Title: “Sterling Silver” 
Materials: Zinsser Acrylic Primer, PROCEED Base Paint - Pastel Tint, 
PROCEED Smooth Cracking Texture, 
PROCEED Full Bodied Glaze, 
PROCEED Metallic Medium Pearl, 
PROCEED Dispersions: Titanium White and Carbon Black. 
Tools: Roller, Roller pan, Toulouse Stencil from Royal Design Studios, Stencil Ease Adhesive, Japan Scrapers, 1/4” nap roller, Chip Brush, Rags. 
Mixture #1: 1 Gallon Low Absorbency Base Coat - Pastel Base tinted with 4 Tablespoons Titanium White Dispersion = Polar White. 
Mixture #2: 1 Gallon Metallic Medium Pearl and 4ml Carbon Black Dispersion = Metallic Medium Silver. 
Mixture #3: 1 Quart (32 oz.) Metallic Medium Pearl and 24ml Carbon Black Dispersion = Metallic Medium Smoke. 
Mixture #4: 1 Quart Full Body Glaze and 1 Quart Metallic Medium Smoke = Smoke Glaze. 
Step 1: Apply Zinsser Acrylic Primer. Let dry. 
Step 2: Roll surface with 2 coats of Polar White (Mixture #1). Let dry. 
Step 3: Position stencil on surface. Apply Smooth Cracking Texture with a Japan Scraper – apply medium thick for large cracks. Do not force dry! Let dry overnight. 
Step 4: Using a 1/4” nap roller apply 2 coats of Metallic Medium Silver (Mixture #2). Let dry between coats. 
Step 5: Brush on Smoke Glaze (Mixture #4) and rag off. 
For more information regarding this technique, please contact Micki Coles at: 
Great Walls Supply 
4230 Barringer Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28217 
For more information, please visit


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