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Red Metallic Texture by Dawn Whitley at the Red Monkey Restaurant in Raleigh, NC



Metallic Texture Pearl and Gold Bases: Mixing Up Reds, contributed by Micky Coles of Great Walls Supply in Charlotte, NC

A couple of my customers asked me if I could make PROCEED’s Metallic Texture in red so I made one that I liked. When Dawn Whitley, owner of Dream Rooms, asked me to mix a couple of more reds for the Red Monkey Restaurant in Raleigh, NC, I said absolutely!  
Mixing colors gives me lots of experience in how to brighten, darken or subdue a color. I used PROCEED Metallic Texture Gold as my base. I usually start with a small quantity to see if my color works before I make larger quantities.  
Red #1 (called Red October): 
¾ cup PROCEED Metallic Texture Gold 
10 ml PROCEED Quinacridone Magenta Dispersion 
This made a beautiful cool red! 
Red #2 (called Red Lipstick):  
¾ cup PROCEED Metallic Texture Gold 
12 ml PROCEED Quinacridone Magenta Dispersion 
5 ml PROCEED Transparent Red Iron Oxide Dispersion (to warm up the red) 
This made a beautiful warm red. 
Dawn Whitley loved both of these so we made a sample board: 
First coat: Over white flat primer we put Red Lipstick on a small Venetian plaster trowel using large curvy strokes then let dry.  
Second coat: Red Lipstick and Red October in equal amounts troweled on and let it dry.  
Third coat: Put 70% Red Lipstick and 30% Red October on your trowel and pull a tight coat, you are done! 
The reds just glow! She sold this to the Red Monkey Restaurant, Raleigh, NC, along with some other Proceed Textures. 
To make larger quantities I used the PROCEED Recipe Calculator at I entered in my quantities for the ¾ cup mix then hit the scale button. This allows you to scale the recipe to the exact amount you want. I scaled the recipe to 115 oz. and all the tints appeared with the correct amounts I needed to mix a PROCEED Gallon and a 5 Gallon quantity! I love this tool and use it almost every day when I am mixing colors. 
Our customers now ask me to custom color match a SW or BM color and usually I can do it. I have been working on some wonderful blues! Now you can purchase small sample sizes and play with color yourself! Or call us and I can help you!  
Micki Coles 
Great Walls Supply 
Charlotte, NC 28217 
Here are some unsolicited testimonials GOLDEN has received regarding Metallic Texture: 
“I can do my “metallic plaster” finishes in 2 passes instead of the three or four that it took with a similar product.” 
“Metallic Texture is smoother and creamier and a lot easier to trowel than other metallic plasters.” 
“I can tint Metallic Texture to very dark colors with less than 10% of dispersion and hit all of the dark ‘custom’ colors of other brands.” 
“Because we can tint our own product, we don’t have a basement full of leftover product.” 
To view and learn how to use the one of a kind, Recipe Calculator and make and save your own recipes, click here: 
View the Metallic Texture colorchart with recipes for each of the most popular metallic plaster tints, click here:
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