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The before and after images of a fireplace mantle and surround by Tim Glastetter, Refined Finishes of St. Louis, MO.


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The technique process
1. Lightly sand/degloss and clean the surface. Remove any dust particles and properly prep the work area. 
2. Mix Low Viscosity Glaze (or Full Bodied Glaze or a mixture of both) with the chosen color mix of Proceed pigment dispersions (or Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics). 
3. Brush on the glaze mixture making sure 100% of the surface is covered. Manipulate the glaze with a brush or cheese cloth to create some movement. Very little glaze is actually removed, just enough to allow the wood grain from beneath to peek through. 
4. Allow to dry for 24 - 48 hours. 
5. Apply a clear coat. I normally apply 3 coats for durability, the 1st coat being very light and then build heavier coats. 
Lori asked: How did you come up with the idea?  
Tim: Over the years I have had so many request to darken (ie espresso type finishes) or change colors (ie. remove red or gold tones) to previous finished furniture and wood features (fireplace mantles, staircases, etc) I thought there had to be a way to work over the finish that was already there, rather than have it stripped back to bare wood and start over. The idea came from trying to be more cost effective. 
Lori: What testing did you do to make sure it holds up? 
Tim: The testing I did was playing and practicing on cabinet doors and small pieces of furniture etc. This allowed me to get the desired look but the durability was still an issue. Clear-coating over this technique allowed the glaze/stain to be locked down. My 1st actual pieces were also tested (and still being used) in my own home, this way I know how well they hold up. 
Lori: What did your customers think? 
Tim: Customers love the look of the finish. It allows the natural grain of the wood to continue to show through yet get the color or shade they desire.  
Lori: What did the wood professionals ask or say, how did they react to your work?  
Tim:Well...... They don't understand how I am able to go over an existing finish and get the results I get without completely refinishing the item. Even if the piece being re-stained/glazed has scratches, nicks or dings all these things just kinda disappear with little or no effort. 
Lori: Anything else you want to add?  
Tim: Durability is still a concern of mine, Furniture pieces that I spray a clear coat with my HVLP seem to have a better more scratch resistant finish. This method is a much better value to the client than to replace or refinish items in another manner. 
It does take practice and when clear coating by hand (brush or roller) you have to apply in thin multiple layers. Important on your first layer to hit and go without a lot of back rolling or brushing. 
Tim purchases his Proceed Products from Koch Bros. Decorating 
6752 Olive Blvd. 
St. Louis,MO 63130 
Phone: 314-862-8383 
Be sure to check out the video for a "how-to" on creating your own one-step wood finish using Proceed products in this newsletter! More of Tim's work will be featured in future Proceed E-newsletters, let us know what you'd like to see more of!


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