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Review of PDPA Education Summit and Faux Expo

September 2010 was a busy month for the decorative painting industry: both the PDPA Education Summit and the newly revamped Faux Expo were big hits! 
I felt both events were absolutely worthwhile to attend.  
The PDPA education summit took place in Golden, CO from 9/15-17 open to PDPA members only (the registration fee is included within the annual membership dues)!! The event organizer and PDPA president, Andre Martinez, in summarizing the event shared: “We are all gathering together as a family for love of craft and knowledge.” 
Daily demonstrators included Dean Sickler, Pascal Amblard, Nicola Vigini, Pierre Finkelstein, Jon Sunde, Ilya Anossov, and Sean Crosby. Lectures on specific topics such as “why the human brain requires decoration” to “how we see light” provided many ideas to ponder. William Cochran presented his “community bridge” project and shared his philosophy on painting and how he copes with the stress of a project on a daily basis. In summary, this event for me, was the best event I’ve been to in the ten years I’ve been on the tradeshow circuit. Everyone who cares about the future of the decorative painting industry should consider attending next year! See this link for a sneak peak to the future PDPA Education Summit website: 
The Faux Expo, 9/20-24, 2010 (, in Orlando, FL offered another unique opportunity as a tradeshow including daily demonstrations on full size murals by more than thirteen internationally recognized painters. The level of instruction offered was outstanding including Dutch master, Gert Jan Nijsse, rarely seen on this side of the Atlantic, Dru Blair the master of realism using an airbrush as well as the regulars: Pierre Finkelstein, Nicola Vigini, and Sean Crosby. Rodney and Avery Lee Ray as well as all of the volunteers ran a well organized, fun and successful event that has a lot of potential for the future!


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