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"Fall Frost" technique, Full Size and Detail Shots of a Transparent Cracking Glaze finish by Lottie Banner and Micki Coles


"Fall Frost", a Transparent Cracking Glaze technique to warm up your wallets

Lori Wilson interviews Lottie Banner of Eeek Designs based in Charlotte, NC 
Lori: How have you liked using the Crackle products? 
Lottie: Crackle has always been one of my favorites. The Proceed crackle products have been a joy to work with. I began working with them straight out of the bucket and by tinting them with Proceed Dispersions and Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics. This allowed me to first become familiar with each product’s unique characteristics. Armed with this knowledge, I have begun to explore further with confidence. Experimenting in mixing the varying cracking textures with one another has yielded a whole new world of possibilities!  
Lori: Have you been able to "sell" more jobs with crackle? 
Lottie: Definitely. Having samples that show the vast possibilities of the cracking textures on various surface types really encourages clients to consider all of their options. The use of a stencil with these cracking textures adds another dimension that has proven popular with my clients. 
Lori: How have your clients responded to your crackle samples? 
Lottie: My clients are fascinated with my latest crackle samples! They seem to think I am some sort of magician. The “WOW” factor is really high so it’s fun to see their reactions. These samples sell themselves. The diversity of cracking textures (from the Transparent Cracking Glaze to Smooth Cracking Texture to Rough Cracking Texture) that my clients see in my samples, helps to convince them that the possibilities really are endless!  
Lottie has taught several Crackle technique workshops with Micki Coles of Great Walls Supply in Charlotte, NC. If you have any questions regarding Lottie or Micki’s experiences please feel free to contact them. 
Great Walls Supply 
4230 Barringer Drive 
Charlotte,NC 28217 
Phone: 704-523-3402 
The Technique Recipe for the finish "Fall Frost" featured above: 
Zinsser Acrylic Primer 
PROCEED Transparent Cracking Glaze 
PROCEED Cracking Size 
PROCEED Metallic Medium Pearl and PROCEED Metallic Medium Gold 
PROCEED Dispersions: Carbon Black, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber and Transparent Red Iron Oxide 
Tools: Roller, Foam roller, Wooster Polar Bear Roller, Chip brush, Rags, Royal Design Studio Stencil #969S “Small Flourish”, Low tack Tape, Stencil adhesive spray. 
Mixture 1: 1 Gallon (115oz) Metallic Medium Pearl and 4ml Carbon Black Dispersion = “Silver” 
Mixture 2: 1 Quart (950ml) Metallic Medium Gold 16ml Raw Umber, 16ml Burnt Umber, 1ml Carbon Black and 36ml Transparent Red Iron Oxide = “Amaretto” 
Mixture 3: 1 Quart (950ml) Metallic Medium Pearl and 95ml Carbon Black Dispersion = “Smoke” 
Step 1: Cover surface with 2 coats of Mixture 1 “Silver”. Let dry between coats. 
Step 2: Roll on Cracking Size, 100% coverage. Let it come to tack (about 1-4 hours). 
Step 3: Load the Polar Bear Roller with Transparent Cracking Glaze and slowly roll on for 100% coverage. Do not force dry. Let dry 12 – 24 hours. 
Step 4: Brush on Metallic Medium Pearl and wipe off. Let dry. 
Step 4: Spray stencil with Spray Adhesive. Using a foam roller apply Mixture 2 “Amaretto” in stencil with about 75% coverage. Remove stencil and wash. 
Step 5: Approximately 1 hour later apply Mixture 3 “Smoke” with a foam roller, about 60% coverage. Remove stencil and wash.
Micki Coles, Great Walls Supply.


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