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Mark Tillman's (St. Louis, MO) Rough Glass Bead Texture on a client's ceiling!


Crazy about Rough Glass Bead Texture

Featured in this article is the work of decorative artisan Mark Tillman from St. Louis, MO and former IDAL chapter president of the Metro Artisans Guild.  
Mark said, "This project was done on a ceiling treatment in a den area of my clients home in St. Louis, Mo. I applied irridescent colors of green, blue and gold, then I applied the glass bead gel in a cross hatch pattern over the top of the brilliant paint colors. The "side lights" from the cove ceiling made the glass bead product sparkle beautifully! The surround of the alcove had a wave pattern 3/d molding and I brushed the bead gel on it as well. The results were beautiful, and the best part is my clients were happy with the final results!" 
For another effective and beautiful way to apply Proceed Rough Glass Bead Texture - ROLL IT!  
Specifically, use the WOOSTER Polar Bear roller cover with a light touch placing the beads instead of just "rolling" paint from ceiling to floor. 
In typical Golden fashion, Golden Artist Colors launched Glass Bead Gel as a response to fine artists calling and asking us for this product. We searched high and low for the most neutral color bead. Handing out samples of the GOLDEN Glass Bead Gel at the Chicago IDAL in 2006 began a conversation with decorative painters on what type of bead they would prefer to use: various sizes and an increased load of beads, make it a low VOC product, and include some recycled content to make it more "green" friendly! Proceed's Rough Glass Bead Texture was born! 
Lori Wilson will be teaching a class specifically on applying Rough Glass Bead Texture and the new Crackle products at the Open Decor Show in Naples, FL February 3-6th, 2011, see the story under "News and Events". 
View the Application Sheet:
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